15 minute paint brush stand

I recently cleaned up my work area, and was tired of putting all my brushes back in a cup.
I was constantly looking through them only to grab the same 2-3 brushes I always use.
I also have a few small tools I use often, and wanted them to always be in arms reach.
If I thought I could design and build a large paint/tool storage system, I would. But my projects
have to be small or they take forever.

Here are my paint storage shelves I built in two stages, first the bottom, then when I acquired more paints
I expanded, and built an identical shelf above. It only took about 15 minutes to make, so I decided to do the
same for my brushes and tools.

So I built a small paint brush stand in 15 minutes, and thought I’d share.
1. cut styrene the width of your ruler(fastest measuring method ever!)
2 mark holes to be drilled somewhere near the middle. Looking back I could have staggered them
and fit more in, but too late now!
3. drill holes, cut two of these and some smaller pieces for the sides. The length isn’t that important,
I made mine about 3 inches. Make one piece the same as the ones you drilled, but do not drill. This will be the bottom.
4. glue together, and cut one more piece the width of all the pieces together so it will span the back.
then drill two holes in that piece and glue in on the back.
5. TA DA!! You now have a place to put all those brushes and tools you lose in the clutter of your workspace!


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