Malifaux tin roof

I’ve been looking for a better solution to doing roofing for my Malifaux shacks. Online I ran across the brilliant idea of using a paint tube wringer to make corrugated tin roofs. Here’s how mine turned out. I used a pack of aluminum cooking pans from the dollar store, and a $6.00 paint wringer bought from Utrecht in Portland. I got enough roofing pieces to do an entire city of shacks, or make entire shacks from tin! The aluminum is strong enough to hold the shape with moderate handling. I’m pretty careful with my minis anyway, so there shouldn’t be a problem with denting. The amount shown in the picture is about a third of the total I got from the three small baking pans.

I played around with a couple different kinds of glue trying to get the aluminum sheets to stick to the foam core building, and finally had to resort to liquid nails. It does a fantastic job! This is a test piece more than anything, so future shacks will have windows, wood panels, maybe interiors.
Still need to base coat with spray paint, then add rust and moss to cover the parts of foam core frame and glue still showing.


2 thoughts on “Malifaux tin roof

  1. Hey, have you tried using styrene? Also I love the idea you can make an entire shanty town. Dont forget that I also have that mold for making roofs. Im sure we can figure something out.

  2. Nice! I am making a faux tin roof for my own dollhouse project. I used the same roller as you, but I’m using soda cans instead. The aluminum is pretty sturdy, and quite cheap since I’m getting the cans from my kids! 😉

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