Malifaux Shacks

I finally got these to a playable level of detail. They still need a few things to make them look lived in, but that will have to wait until I get a few other projects done first. I love the way the wash on the balsa turned out, just watered down Golden Acrylics burnt sienna. The tin roofing was a mix of stippled brown/orange over craft color aluminum, then a wash of the same brown/orange. A light dry brush of the aluminum over the raised edges, and they’re done. I tried to make a few of them less rusty, by dragging the brush down the recesses.
I’m not sure what to add to finish them, but they’re looking a bit plain.

I like the look, and will probably make more, along with fences and junk piles to go around them.

Here’s a scale shot to show how big they are next to my Ramos crew.


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