Malifaux Barricades

I borrowed a Hirst arts mold from a friend of mine to cast blockade pieces for my growing Malifaux slum. When I went to glue them together I noticed the texture kept them from gluing very securely. I hate having terrain fall apart after using it once or twice. I glued a few together with a heavy blob of liquid nails, and cast them in a new stacked formation. Now I can make solid barricades all at once, and save having to glue them together. They don’t come up as high as I would like on the Malifaux minis(love their scenic bases though), so I might have to put them on a small raised base.
I just got TAP Plastics RTV Silicone mold system, and I’m loving it. I’ll be posting more mold projects soon. One day I hope to be able to make full building molds!


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