Mobile Malifaux!

After acquiring a few Malifaux minis, the rulebook, a playing mat, fate decks, tape measures, counters, soul stones, character cards and a few odd tools “just in case”, I really needed to put all of my Malifaux stuff in it’s own case. My buddy Carson has been carrying his 40k stuff in an aluminum case for awhile, and he told where I could get one. Harbor Freight has a great deal on these, and they hold more than enough for two to four crews plus required game gear. They come with all of the foam/inserts/tool rack and strap for $25.00! I have access to foam I can cut to fit the case, so in the future if I acquire more minis(who am I kidding, of course I will), I can double layer the foam. The foam it comes with is a bit thick, but for larger models like Killjoy and mature Nephilim, this is really what you need anyway.
I have Army Transports for my 40k stuff, but since Malifaux doesn’t require row after row of foam, even the Mark II seemed too much.
Now I need a way to make my Malifaux terrain portable!


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