Update: Corpse Counters

After casting about 20-30 of these, I finally got around to painting a few. You really only need 5-10 in a standard game, so I’ll be trading these to friends for more Malifaux terrain.
The colors used are grey for the mouth, black for the eyes, white for the threads, and a 50/50 water/Devlan Mud wash over the white parts. They are sprayed with a matte coat finish, and it looks like it fogged a little. Overall I love the way they turned out.

A big thanks to Wyrd for putting out a quality game, if you don’t know what Malifaux is, head over to their website http://www.wyrd-games.net/
Wyrd Miniatures, Malifaux, and Catacomb Prowlers, all character names, their distinctive likenesses, and faction symbols are property of Wyrd Miniatures, LLC and © 2005-2009 Wyrd Miniatures.


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