Grotsnagga needs paint!

My Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun is finally assembled. I kit-bashed him together from an array of parts. The base is the Assault on Black Reach Warboss. The gun is the warboss’ gun combined with a las-cannon. The spinner bits built from styrene tubing, metal pins, the heads of the pins drilled through then pushed and glued to the middle. The left arm and leg are scratch built from styrene tubing and rods. The telly-porta backpack is a mix of gas tank from a Trukk, spot lights and an ammo crate.
I magnetized his gun to make painting and storage easier. It’s so heavy I had to add a second magnet to the tube leading into the gun to hold it up!

I have used him in two games recently where he did NOT warp himself and everyone near him away. Rolling his random weapon strength(and the chance for craziness) is the funnest part of the game.

I’ll get him primed tonight and start paint tomorrow. I’ll post more pics of all the stuff I’ve been working on soon. I’m waiting for the GW foundation paint set to arrive at the local game store I ordered it through. I need to update this blog more, it really helps me focus on getting models done instead of half-finished.

edit: If you’re curious, the name grot snagga comes from the weapons function. It sucks up the smaller ork-like creatures called grots, fires/teleports them through a hell-like warp and they arrive back on the battle field crazed out of their mind and clawing out of the person/vehicle they find themselves teleported into.


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