Defiler Knights

Defiler Knights

I wanted a couple Knights to accompany my Chaos Marine forces into battle, but couldn’t see paying $140.00 each for a kit I would have to heavily modify. So I picked two defiler kits from local game stores and used Hortwerth’s amazing Mechanicus Knights as inspiration.


Work in progress Leviathan

I’ve been working on this commission for some time. A few months ago a friend approached me and asked if I could scratch build a Leviathan. I had always wanted to make one, but playing Orks, it didn’t fit into my army theme at all. I agreed to the project, but under the condition that it be built on the chassis of a Baneblade. I have seen larger Leviathans, but wanted to keep this one small and mobile. Small is a relative term, as it still reaches thirteen inches high! He also wanted it to be open on all levels to allow HQ and Princeps minis to be placed inside. This would mean constructing three floor levels supported by their own internal frame. The forward cannon room is the only closed area of the build.
This has been my favorite build so far. I look forward to facing it across the battlefield!



Grotsnagga needs paint!

My Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun is finally assembled. I kit-bashed him together from an array of parts. The base is the Assault on Black Reach Warboss. The gun is the warboss’ gun combined with a las-cannon. The spinner bits built from styrene tubing, metal pins, the heads of the pins drilled through then pushed and glued to the middle. The left arm and leg are scratch built from styrene tubing and rods. The telly-porta backpack is a mix of gas tank from a Trukk, spot lights and an ammo crate.
I magnetized his gun to make painting and storage easier. It’s so heavy I had to add a second magnet to the tube leading into the gun to hold it up!

I have used him in two games recently where he did NOT warp himself and everyone near him away. Rolling his random weapon strength(and the chance for craziness) is the funnest part of the game.

I’ll get him primed tonight and start paint tomorrow. I’ll post more pics of all the stuff I’ve been working on soon. I’m waiting for the GW foundation paint set to arrive at the local game store I ordered it through. I need to update this blog more, it really helps me focus on getting models done instead of half-finished.

edit: If you’re curious, the name grot snagga comes from the weapons function. It sucks up the smaller ork-like creatures called grots, fires/teleports them through a hell-like warp and they arrive back on the battle field crazed out of their mind and clawing out of the person/vehicle they find themselves teleported into.

Battle Wagons paint in progress

I’ve been painting like a mad man the last week or so, and I’ve gotten quite a bit done. The two kit Battle Wagons are almost done. Just need to do a bit more detailing and wear. I’ll be finishing all of the vehicles before moving onto troops. they are easier to paint, and have the biggest visual impact, sine I run a heavily mechanized force.

Scratch Built Hydras/Basilisks/Medusae

A friend of mine needed a few Hydras and enclosed Basilisks/Medusa proxies for 40k. I think these turned out rather well. The chassis’ are all magnetized, so he can swap between any of the variants. The Basilisk and Medusa turrets aren’t supposed to turn for the game rules, but leaving them facing forward isn’t too much of a hassle. The Basilisk and Medusa cannons are also magnetized for easier storage and transportation. On the way to deliver them, my wife and I added up the number if individual pieces it took to make just the Hydras and chassis’. Not including rivets it ended up being over 500! In the future I will advise people to buy the 40k kit, and I can scratch build the turrets.

Let the paint fly!

Using a tip I picked up from Viv at, I’m priming my models white, then washing them with either Badab Black or Devlan Mud GW washes. This really picks out the detail. You could dry brush over this with more white, but I like my minis a bit dark, and any time I can avoid dry brushing I will. Plenty more to come, as I now have four crews to paint!
Here are two of my favorite models, a Samurai Zombie, and Mortimer the Gravedigger.

Update: Corpse Counters

After casting about 20-30 of these, I finally got around to painting a few. You really only need 5-10 in a standard game, so I’ll be trading these to friends for more Malifaux terrain.
The colors used are grey for the mouth, black for the eyes, white for the threads, and a 50/50 water/Devlan Mud wash over the white parts. They are sprayed with a matte coat finish, and it looks like it fogged a little. Overall I love the way they turned out.

A big thanks to Wyrd for putting out a quality game, if you don’t know what Malifaux is, head over to their website
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