Bionic Arm tutorial

I did this tutorial for The-Waaagh!.com, after creating my first bionic arms for my Ork Big mek.

I had a couple requests to do a tutorial after posting my Big Mek, for his
bionic arms. I made another arm for my Waaagh! banner holder with the same style, and took a few photos.
His arm is a little shorter than the Mek’s, but that doesn’t change anything in the build, just the length of the cuts.

So, here we go.

List of supplies:
small file
styrene glue(liquid in a glass bottle)
micro-brush for styrene glue.
two pin vise drill bits, 1mm and 1.6 mm(or whatever size rod you’re going to use,
obviously these are the sizes I used)

Styrene rods:
6.3mm tube
1mm sheet(I used scraps)

That’s all you need.


1. Drill into the 1.6mm rod just a tiny bit, so with a dab of glue, the 1mm rod will stick.
2. Stick small pieces of the 1mm rod intop the 1.6mm rod
3. Cut eight of these as you go. I also cut the width of 6.3mm tube I needed, just hold
it against the mini and see what looks good to you, it only has to wide enough to hold three
widths of the large rod. Glue it a piece of scrap 1mm sheet.
4. do the same drill-insert for a piece of the 2.5mm rod, and insert a length of 1.5mm rod.
This will be the support for the upper arm. Cut two small square pieces of 1mm sheet, I cut off the corners,
but it’s not necessary. Drill a 1.5mm hole into the tube, and cut the scrap piece away from the tube edges, leaving
a solid side.
5. Insert the 1.5mm piece of the support into the tube, and glue the small piece to the other end. I cut the 2.5mm end of
mine at an angle, so the arm will be bent.
6. Go around, attaching the small pistons to the arm, between the tube and the elbow. I cut the small pieces off so they can
be used later for detail. Try to get them as close as possible, but don’t worry if its not an exact fit, the ends will be covered
by the pivot points.
7. Cut a small piece of 1.5mm rod, and angle the cut here as well, this is the support for the lower arm. Glue the wrist
piece on the end, and do the same for the pistons here.
8. After all the pistons are on, go around and glue the small pieces of rod you cut off to the ends, matching the same size
rods, 1mm and 1.6. These make the pivot points for the pistons.

That’s the arm done, here’s the hand.

9. Since my arm is going to be attached to a banner, I cut the length of 2.5mm rod first, then four lengths
of 1.6mm rod for the fingers. Glue them together.
10. Cut a piece for the palm, wide enough for the four pieces to fit across. Mine ended up a bit short length-wise, but oh well.
11-12. Glue the four pieces to the palm, at a 90 degree angle, then glue the banner into place. I cut eight small pieces for the fingers,
then glued them onto the ends of the four I had in place, spacing them out a bit to show the detail.
13-14. Glue the hand to the arm, about center in the wrist, leaving space for small rods to be attached to the back of the hand. I added the thumb at this
point, gluing it to the top edge of the palm.
15. Glue 1mm rod to the back of the hand, then use the same pieces as the pivot points to cover the ends of the fingers.
I also added four where the rods meet the end of the wrist, covering the ends.

Here it attached to the Nobs body.


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