Battle Wagons paint in progress

I’ve been painting like a mad man the last week or so, and I’ve gotten quite a bit done. The two kit Battle Wagons are almost done. Just need to do a bit more detailing and wear. I’ll be finishing all of the vehicles before moving onto troops. they are easier to paint, and have the biggest visual impact, sine I run a heavily mechanized force.


Scratch Built Hydras/Basilisks/Medusae

A friend of mine needed a few Hydras and enclosed Basilisks/Medusa proxies for 40k. I think these turned out rather well. The chassis’ are all magnetized, so he can swap between any of the variants. The Basilisk and Medusa turrets aren’t supposed to turn for the game rules, but leaving them facing forward isn’t too much of a hassle. The Basilisk and Medusa cannons are also magnetized for easier storage and transportation. On the way to deliver them, my wife and I added up the number if individual pieces it took to make just the Hydras and chassis’. Not including rivets it ended up being over 500! In the future I will advise people to buy the 40k kit, and I can scratch build the turrets.

Let the paint fly!

Using a tip I picked up from Viv at, I’m priming my models white, then washing them with either Badab Black or Devlan Mud GW washes. This really picks out the detail. You could dry brush over this with more white, but I like my minis a bit dark, and any time I can avoid dry brushing I will. Plenty more to come, as I now have four crews to paint!
Here are two of my favorite models, a Samurai Zombie, and Mortimer the Gravedigger.

Update: Corpse Counters

After casting about 20-30 of these, I finally got around to painting a few. You really only need 5-10 in a standard game, so I’ll be trading these to friends for more Malifaux terrain.
The colors used are grey for the mouth, black for the eyes, white for the threads, and a 50/50 water/Devlan Mud wash over the white parts. They are sprayed with a matte coat finish, and it looks like it fogged a little. Overall I love the way they turned out.

A big thanks to Wyrd for putting out a quality game, if you don’t know what Malifaux is, head over to their website
Wyrd Miniatures, Malifaux, and Catacomb Prowlers, all character names, their distinctive likenesses, and faction symbols are property of Wyrd Miniatures, LLC and © 2005-2009 Wyrd Miniatures.

Mobile Malifaux!

After acquiring a few Malifaux minis, the rulebook, a playing mat, fate decks, tape measures, counters, soul stones, character cards and a few odd tools “just in case”, I really needed to put all of my Malifaux stuff in it’s own case. My buddy Carson has been carrying his 40k stuff in an aluminum case for awhile, and he told where I could get one. Harbor Freight has a great deal on these, and they hold more than enough for two to four crews plus required game gear. They come with all of the foam/inserts/tool rack and strap for $25.00! I have access to foam I can cut to fit the case, so in the future if I acquire more minis(who am I kidding, of course I will), I can double layer the foam. The foam it comes with is a bit thick, but for larger models like Killjoy and mature Nephilim, this is really what you need anyway.
I have Army Transports for my 40k stuff, but since Malifaux doesn’t require row after row of foam, even the Mark II seemed too much.
Now I need a way to make my Malifaux terrain portable!

Malifaux Barricades

I borrowed a Hirst arts mold from a friend of mine to cast blockade pieces for my growing Malifaux slum. When I went to glue them together I noticed the texture kept them from gluing very securely. I hate having terrain fall apart after using it once or twice. I glued a few together with a heavy blob of liquid nails, and cast them in a new stacked formation. Now I can make solid barricades all at once, and save having to glue them together. They don’t come up as high as I would like on the Malifaux minis(love their scenic bases though), so I might have to put them on a small raised base.
I just got TAP Plastics RTV Silicone mold system, and I’m loving it. I’ll be posting more mold projects soon. One day I hope to be able to make full building molds!

Malifaux Shacks

I finally got these to a playable level of detail. They still need a few things to make them look lived in, but that will have to wait until I get a few other projects done first. I love the way the wash on the balsa turned out, just watered down Golden Acrylics burnt sienna. The tin roofing was a mix of stippled brown/orange over craft color aluminum, then a wash of the same brown/orange. A light dry brush of the aluminum over the raised edges, and they’re done. I tried to make a few of them less rusty, by dragging the brush down the recesses.
I’m not sure what to add to finish them, but they’re looking a bit plain.

I like the look, and will probably make more, along with fences and junk piles to go around them.

Here’s a scale shot to show how big they are next to my Ramos crew.