Ork Weirdboy with Green Stuff Longcoat

This is the first thing I made with green stuff, a coat and hat for my Ork Weirdboy. It took only a few minutes, but I learned a lot in that time!The body is from an Assault on Blackreach Nob. The staff is a mix of smoke launcher and stikkbomb bits.

The stitches are styrene I cut into tiny bits and pushed into the
GS when it was still soft. I should have rolled out the GS when it was soft, then left it to harden
for a few minutes before fitting to the body. It kept trying to flow down over the details, and i had
to scrape off some rivets that pushed through on the shoulder. I put so many fingerprints on it
I thought I had wrecked it, but if you let the GS cure, you can sand it down carefully. The flapping
back of the coat was a pain to keep up. I had to prop it up with some styrene dowels. Again, I would recommend
letting it sit for 10-15 minutes before starting to work with it.
A great learning experience, I’m looking forward to future projects.



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