Work in Progress Canyon Table

Here is the start of my first 40k table. I started this last week after getting a table donated to me by a friend moving out of town. It’ll be set up permanently in my garage, with plenty of shelf space for terrain.
So far I’m just getting a feel for different rock formations and their uses in games. The Spires are made as impassable, the steep hills are difficult terrain, and the single level hills will be reinforced with sandbags and barricades.
There are two layers of paint on the board, one had sawdust and glue, and a little water mixed in, the second is just paint, glue and water. The texture turned out great, big props to my buddy Dan for convincing me to use sawdust instead of sand. The same texture mix is going on all the rock formations as well. Right now they only have the first texturing coat on. A light sanding of the first layer took off all the little pointy bits of sawdust, and left a nice irregular surface.
The color of paint is from our houses trim, we had a gallon bucket sitting in the garage since we moved in, so I confiscated it! It was going to get painted over with a more neutral brown, but after seeing it dry, I like the rusty Iron color.

I WILL be giving the board and all the terrain a few washes and drybrushing to break up the monotone surface.
The theme for the board will be a series of hidey hole caves and mines for my Ork Warband, with a big emphasis on industrial age looking buildings and barricades.
I want it to look like the Orks have been here awhile, so all the nooks and crannies will be filled with fungus, junk, and dead things that tried to take the mines from the Orks.
There aren’t any details done on the carved out sections, those will be filled with corrugated tin, boxes and other things used to make steps to the higher levels and barricades at the top.

In the works: Mek shops(lots of little ones), a foundry, mine entrance terrain, a few “bottomless” holes with vegetation growing around the edges, barricades, landing pad, maybe a bastion or two, and some classic foam-core ruins!


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